The ELM Companies

ELM Companies is a cloud-based technology innovator providing industrial and commercial compliance products and services to various sectors including hospitality, health and safety, utilities, manufacturing, construction and private residences. Protecting utility infrastructure through specific compliance services such as underground locating and regulatroy reporting or improving grid reliability and sustainability through our Distributed Engergy products are examples of ELM’s commitment to helping its clients achieve their goals.

Primary Office Locations: Peoria, IL — Dallas, TX — Missoula,MT

Utilities Compliance Services

Since 1991, ELM’s Utility Service offerings have been provided to companies who source their locating, damage prevention and other compliance needs to people who understand the importance of the task at hand and are willing to accept the responsibility of protecting the infrastructure and the public who works and lives around it every day. We are glad to say we still serve our original client of over 27 years, and our list of clients who trust ELM to provide high level, compliance related services has grown steadily ever since.

Insurance Products and Services.

Since 2004 ELM Insurance Services, LLC has been a Specialty Construction and Environmental Insurance Brokerage offering comprehensive risk management packages nationwide. ELM is continuously working with our clients to develop innovative solutions for Complex Construction Risks, Environmental Sites, Healthcare Facilities, Manufacturing, Emerging Technology, Clean Energy, Microgrid, Distributed Energy Storage and Compliance as a Service (CaaS) offerings.

FieldSight Products and Services

Offered since 2007, ELM FieldSight is a suite of products designed to perform autonomously at the Edge. Focused on Compliance as a Service (CaaS) offerings, FieldSight technology interfaces with IoT devices on-sight, makes real time decisions utilizing software installed at the Edge and drives only critical data to the cloud. This architecture provides a light, agile and highly secure interface for our compliance monitoring and distributed energy offerings.

Leadership Bios.

Lee C. Graves, Esq. Chairman and Founder- ELM LLC

Peoria, IL 309-671-4300
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Jim Bourazak Chief Executive Officer- ELM Utility

Peoria, IL 309-671-4300
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Josh Hinrichs President-ELM Companies

Missoula, MT 406-728-9343
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Aron Bowman Chief Operating Officer- ELM FieldSight

Carrolton,TX 309-671-4300
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Scott Frydenlund Chief Information Officer- ELM Companies

Missoula, MT 406-327-9343
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Jason Petermeier Chief Technology Officer- ELM FieldSight

Carrolton, TX 309-671-4300
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Harley Hartman Senior Vice President of Operations- ELM Utility

Bountiful, UT 888-728-9343
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Bryan Rich Vice President of Operations- ELM Utility

Boise, ID 888-728-9343
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Ron Coleman President of Insurance Services

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